Why the kids get amazed by the film “Mighty Raju Space Race”.. See the reason before watch on ‘Aha’

Why the kids get amazed by the film “Mighty Raju Space Race”.. See the reason before watch on ‘Aha’


Many OTT platforms came to serve the people to watch movies online, as the theatres closed due to COVID 19.  They are also facilitating kids to watch animated movies online. But, the animated films originally come with Hindi languages, which can’t understand to Telugu children. In this sense, The aha platform came with exclusive Telugu movies to watch online.

Aha movies brought many children specials to watch animated movies online in the Telugu language. Aha has added many super hits and masterpieces of Telugu to entertain exclusive Telugu people. The platform is also having excellent animated fictional series like ChhotaBheem and Mighty Raju. ‘Mighty Raju Space Race’ is a famous film in the series of tremendous hit ‘Mighty Raju’. Let’s see the advantages, details of characters, storyline, and highlights of the movie.


Generally, animated fictional films come with mythological, social adventures, science fiction, and joyful storylines, in which children can enjoy the film thoroughly. Also, the films include ethics and moralities, good and bad, good and evil powers, family, friendship, unity values as an undercurrent message. The kids need to develop their characterization with ethics and moralities and some values from their growing age to grow appropriately.

But, they can’t listen while teaching those things by the parents of the teachers. They can learn those things when they entertainingly teach them. It is easier to teach those things by showing animated fictional films. Aha movies brought super hit animated film series in the Telugu language. So, make facilitate the kids to watch animated movies online.

Characters: Raju, Karaati, Swami, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka, Sidheswar Shukla and Arpan Sarkar

Production Company: Rajiv Chilaka on Green Gold Animations Pvt.


Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 01 Hour 05 Minutes 06 Seconds

Telugu version availability: Aha movies


‘Mighty Raju Space Race’ was made under the genre of Science Fiction. Rajiv Chilaka produced the film on Green Gold Animations Pvt. Ltd with higher production values. He involved in the direction along with Sidheswar Shukla and Arpan Sarkar.The film released on 16th May 2014 and turned super hit with television views.

In this film, Karaati abducted Raju’s dad swami. Raju has departed to Universe to battle Karaati to rescue his dad; however, Karaati has another force high innovation rocket machine, and again Raju has pressure on how to take his dad to is home. In any case, Again, Karaati allows Mighty Raju to win the race and take his dad at home. In this way, Raju will win the race or not watch the film available on Aha movies.

Highlights film ‘Mighty Raju Space Race’:

The directors filmed the scenes while Mighty Raju going to space, and he involved in Race challenge are the most exciting way. The film will give a lot of knowledge to the children about the scientific thing included in the film. The battle between Mighty Raju and Karaati in space was extraordinary. The kids will enjoy the film thoroughly. The kids also learn the value and bonding between son and father, power of evil and god, etc. in the film.

The background music was elevated the space scenes in the film. It is a great asset to the movie.

The directors utilized the characters as per the storyline only. The gripping screenplay enhanced curiosity in every frame.Click here to watch cartoon movies online.

Finally: ‘Mighty Raju Space Race’ is the perfect full treat to the children.