Use of CBD for Treatment of Neuropathy

Use of CBD for Treatment of Neuropathy

There are millions of people in the USA who are struggling with peripheral neuropathy, which is a kind of medical condition where the patient may have damage in their nervous system.

There can be a number of reasons for such neuropathy problems. Few of them are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • Any physical injury/trauma, caused due to auto accident
  • Few types of cancers and the use of chemotherapy drugs
  • Autoimmune infections and diseases 
  • Blood and vascular and problems
  • Nutritional and hormonal imbalances
  • Liver and kidney and disorders

All the above conditions are really very much troubling and if peripheral neuropathy is further added then it can dramatically influence the quality of your life. 

How you can use CBD for neuropathy

While taking CBD oil to treat neuropathic pain, it will be best to take CBD oil sublingually, using it below your tongue and then let your body absorb it. By taking edible gummies, however, you may not find too good results.

The reason why sublingual method will work the best is that it is related to bioavailability, or how smoothly your body will be able to absorb the CBD oil.

Generally, with any dietary supplement, bioavailability has always been a big concern for both older adults as well as pediatric patients, since both are at much greater risk of malnutrition and inadequate diet.

However, if you take CBD or any of its supplements for reducing all these risks, then this may not result into your body absorbing the entire ingredients which they contain, and as a result, it may render them totally ineffective, while solving your neuropathy problem.

As an example, if you consume any supplement orally then some of its helpful ingredients present can always get metabolized during the various digestive processes, and only a few will be left for your body to use. 

The same will also be true with CBD oil too while treating neuropathy. Therefore, for getting the maximum results out of CBD, and also to create more positive effects on this neuropathic pain, the best thing will be to take CBD in the sublingual method under your tongue.

For pain management, you can also prefer to combine with CBD oil certain good quality topical CBD lotion or cream. 

CBD oil will interact with your internal CBD receptors and the topical cream will enable you to get direct treatment to that particular area where it is hurting the most.

CBD oil dosing

One more important factor to consider while taking CBD oil particularly for neuropathic pain will avoid taking a too high dose of CBD than what is really needed. So, how much dose should you take?

Medical researchers after conducting a number of studies on animals initially tried with low CBD doses for the initial 7 days to alleviate both anxiety and pain. Both these symptoms are often associated with chronic or neuropathic pain.

Starting with a much lower dose will enable you to see the impact of CBD oil on the neuropathic pain without consuming more than what you need. 

Later, you can always increase the dose from there, if you find that you are not seeing results as you desire. Keep on increasing your dosage till your pain begins to subside.