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In the next round, since two players remained, contestants had the choice to pass it or to answer the query. Contestants were instructed before the taping of the show began to crouch down so that their heads did not remain above the hole when landing and roll. In the next round, the contestants received $ 150 in the first round. This ended the round, with all the winnings of the removed player (if any) being evenly distributed among the remaining for the next round. This finished the round; when the participant survived, the round lasted. After a participant dropped from the match, the round was over, and the next round would start after a break.

This triggered the active to start spinning around the field, much like a roulette wheel (more suitable to the apology ), the cylinder with a revolver. If the fall zone light ceased on the trapdoor where the affected player was a position, that trapdoor started and dropped the player three feet (six feet 1) to a room beneath the stage, with thick cushioning to prevent injury of contestants. One injury has been reported, a sprained foot; nevertheless, contestants have to sign release forms and extended waivers. If time ran out in the first two weeks (signaled by means of a chime, usually after the fifth question), the of remaining contestants were contrasted.

After each question, another”drop zone” was inserted, increasing the odds that the player could be removed after a wrong answer; in the fifth question onward that there were always five drop zones. If the correct answer was given by the challenged player, they received money and control of the question. In that player needed to give up money that is gathered and was forced to play Russian Roulette by pulling on a handle in front of those. This will be hard whenever your bankroll begins to appear too-thin-to-survive – but that when it is critical, you keep your winnings and the money that is gaming different. They will make a bid without needing to realize it will be used for this particular purpose to consult with the particular participant amount.