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She learned of Houlingas past from her father and befriended the monster, revealing to Daichi what happened to Houlinga after Xiao mistook the monster for being sick. Quickly Xio was founded under its department and allies with several friendly aliens as means of support. UNDER stands for Ultimate Noxious occasion Versus Earth Ranger is a company based after the Flare incident. The organization aims to find, retrieve and secure unstable Spark Dolls for learning. Their base of operation is in Geneva, which was stated to be the world’s largest Spark Dolls containment facility, with the second place in Xio Japan. Cyber Red King, Saibā Reddo Kingu: Categorised as Kind G, it was created from Crimson Kings Spark Doll.

Cyber Birdon, Saibā Bādon: Categorised as Type B, Cyber Birdon was created from the information of Birdon Spark Doll. Whereas joining Tiga Sky Sort and Space Musketty in opposition to Gorg Antler, Sky Musketty used the card and initiated Birdon Phoenix Assault, Bādon Fenikkusu Atakku by way of the elimination of its Limiter, shrouding the jet with flames and used it to crash Antlars wings. His two other companions, whose statues had been destroyed by Golza and Melba, had a much bigger role compared to their collection counterparts, such as aiding Tiga in protecting historic human civilizations and bestowing Daigo with the information to Sort Change; the latter was one of the leftover plans of ultraman merchandise the unique series which n made it into the ultimate reduce.

Ultraman Tiga is dealing with his last opponent in the sequence, Gatanothor. Imit-Belial fought toward the Tri-Squad and Tregear in line with his creator’s orders but unearthed becoming a member of forces with the fallen when Ultraman Zero assisted Taiga in the fight. Ultraman Leo 1974: Appeared in episodes 38 and 39. He and the Brothers tried to confront Astra, who had stolen the Ultra Key from the Land of Light, till he was found to be an impostor named alien baba rum with the aid of the Ultraman king.