Company's Retained Interest In AFSI

Dow has kept 42.5 per cent ownership stake at MEGlobal by its possession in EQUATE. Approximately 80% of these ethylene oxide made by Dow is absorbed inside the Performance Materials & Chemicals section. Performance Materials & Chemicals companies absorb over 90% of their propylene oxide generated or secured from Dow.

8217? Producer of propylene oxide and propylene glycol in addition to a manufacturer of polyether polyols and isocyanates that function energy efficiency, customer relaxation and market sectors. Key competitors include compound branches of major national and worldwide oil firms in addition to global chemical companies. Key opponents include BASF, Oxea, Eastman, INEOS, Huntsman, LyondellBasell, both Olin and buy ol-tram buy tamol x. The section is advantaged with earnings in about 110 countries and manufacturing facilities into feedstocks and wide reach, through its cost position. 8217? S R&D experience to supply leading-edge technology that provides a benefit to clients at key markets. Dow Packaging, Dow Electric and Telecommunications, and dow Elastomers and Specialty Plastics function high-growth industries where innovation pipeline that is wealthy and Dow’s world-class technology generates competitive advantages for both clients and the value chain.

Besides customer service, reliable supply and its cost position, the Company also competes globally on the basis of cost, technology and quality. Performance Materials & Chemicals back-integration to feedstocks supports a cheap production base and reliable product supply. Competition for its Performance Materials & Chemicals section varies depending on the enterprise. The Performance Materials & Chemicals section markets its products mainly and utilizes vendors worldwide. Dow is in charge of advertising the vast majority of Sadara products. Included in the agreement, the Company sells and purchases Sadara merchandise to get a marketing fee. Dow is a provider with a worldwide technical support network situated close to the client, which enables the Company to collaborate to invent options that are tailored and special chemistries and to fuel growth in speciality programs.